Oh No, Psychiatry

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Obs and Gyn came to an end and was very draining on Abasi but also very useful. He wrote…

“I have been really busy with Obs and Gyn to the point I was literally living in the hospital. I worked closely with the specialists, registered doctors and nurses to my maximum capacity. I assisted hundreds of delivers, did Manual Vacuum Aspirations, assisted Evacuations, Laparotomies, hysterectomies, c-sections, lapascopic surgeries etc. I also ended up doing seven C-sections, the highest number of all in my group. I also participated in maternal death reviews, training for Post partum, IUCD cancelling for three days and gained a lot of knowledge from all that.
The head of department was very happy with me and he suggested that he might hire me during the time I will be waiting to do further studies. Fingers crossed for that one. I lost a lot of weight and I’m trying to regain it now that I am out of Obs and Gyn.

I have now reported to the psychiatry department where I will work for one month before going to the surgical department. We don’t see many patients and most of the time we are done by 11am Unfortunately we cant live so I use that time to observe surgeries going on at the main theatres. Honestly I don’t like psychiatry and I don’t find it attractive. I work there because it’s a must but again I don’t take it for granted. I treat seriously those who come seeking our help and most of the time I seek a lot of consultation’s from our psychiatrist and senior doctors available.”

Abasi is now getting very serious about settling down with his girlfriend, but there have been complications. In Tanzania it is still common to pay a dowry (or bride price as they call it). This is about £1,000 which is not easy to raise when your and intern just about surviving on your intern allowance. But another fly in the ointment appeared when his girlfriend seem to cool to the idea. After a worrying few days it turned out that because of all the long hours he was doing, she was feeling a bit ignored. So he has been making extra time to see her and things appear to be back on track.

Relationships and money. Always a problem…

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