2016 – Heading for the finish

January 2016

They are really turning the screws now. Abasi has started Orthopaedic rotations for 4 weeks at the busiest hospital yet. To add to the stress he will have to do a night shift once a week and continue working into the next day.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he had a motorcyclist smash into his car. The motorcyclist was drunk and had no license so got hauled off by the boys in blue. Unfortunately the car will take 3 weeks to repair so Abasi is having to take the bus to his hospital rotations, leaving home at 5:30.

These are going to be a very tough 3 weeks…!

February 2016

Well Abasi seems to have survived his nightmare rotation in Orthopaedics and says he even quite enjoyed it, to the point of possibly considering it for a future specialisation! However I suspect that Paediatrics still remains his first ambition. Next up is two weeks each of ENT and Oncology. Then it’s four months of senior clinical rotations, which sounds onerous…

The car came back from the repairers and looks like it’s been done well, so Abasi is both happy and mobile again.

Abasi’s family are all well and each is being successful in their own way, so that makes everyone happy.

It is something of a relief to me as well…

March 2016

Abasi has been busy as usual so not much time for communication. The senior rotations continue and the Oncology exams loom in April.

All his family are doing well, although his mother is a little unwell. He’s not sure of the cause. But when he qualifies in a few months he’ll be able to go home and investigate what the issue might be.

Nothing like keeping it in the family…

April 2016

Abasi has been very involved in special rotations, so it’s been very long days with only time to work and sleep, though not much sleep apparently. So no time for communications.

They are really being pushed in this last bit of study, but Abasi doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. Amazing…

May 2016

It’s been an interesting month. Abasi has got some very good results from 6 special rotations. One C and the rest B’s. Naturally he’s disappointed with the C but it’s a pass and the occasional setback is usually good for refocussing your efforts. But all those B’s is an excellent result.

I have a significant medical issue which I have been discussing with Abasi. This has been interesting as it really brings home to me how much he has changed from the lad who was struggling with his school exams a few years back. He is now so confident and passionate about his chosen career path.

And passion is what separates the excellent from the mediocre…

June 2016

Yet more rotations, revision and exams. Abasi is obviously tired and I imagine a little stressed and weary of continuous study. But the end is in sight and I know he can find the energy to get to the finish. Thankfully all his family are doing well, so he will be able to concentrate on his studies without distraction.

And being so close to success, distraction is not something we need…

July 2016

Well Abasi has finished his rotations and completed his final senior rotations exam. Now he has two weeks to revise everything he has learnt over the last five years before the big one!

But after that he still has to do a years internship before he gets his certificate. And then there will be thoughts of masters and specialisations.

Medicine has to be a passion…

August 2016

At last! The exams are finally over and 6 years of intense study has finished. Abasi summed it up by saying “I am so very happy to the point I cant explain it.” I know exactly what he means. So I assume we wait for the final results then celebrate. Abasi will then be allocated to a hospital to do his one year internship, so he’ll have a bit of running around looking for accommodation, moving his possession to some other part of the country, and then down to work again.

Not much breathing space then…

September 2016

Well he did it! Abasi is now Dr. Abasi! He got good passes in his exams and ended up in the top 10. Unfortunately 26 of his class failed and will have to take supplementary exams. But it shows just how well he has done from a somewhat educationally disadvantaged start. I remain amazed at his achievement.

Abasi has now been allocated to a hospital in the south of Tanzania to do his internship. It’s about 800 kilometers away so he’s been rushing around finding accommodation and moving his belongings down there. I believe he starts at the beginning of October. I imagine it will be a big change to the 6 years he’s spent studying. But I bet it will be just as stressful.

So it ends. The goal has been achieved. But this is really the beginning. Abasi the student is no more. Dr. Abasi can now start to fulfil his ambition, the one bought to life by the death of his sister so long ago…

October 2016

Well Abasi started his internship at the beginning of November. He has asked me to continue putting updates on the site so that his journey is documented for himself, his family and his friends. Hopefully it will also act as an inspiration for those who have seemingly impossible ambitions and those who wish to help.

I’ll add updates through blog entries as and when I am in contact with Abasi.